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Stanley   &   Associates   is   totally   unique.   We   go   far   beyond   locating   the   best   investment   or   rental   property   in   Gran   Canaria,   Fuerteventura   or   Lanzarote for   you.   Our   specialists   assist   you   with   mortgages,   conveyancing,   NIEs,   furniture   packs,   tax   affairs,   dual   wills   and   probate   /   Spanish   Inheritance   Tax. However, our commitment to your success extends further. Thanks to established UK property sector operations clients trust us because we also: Promote   /   book   out   your   property   to   our   extensive   database   of   holidaymakers,   investors   and   those   seeking   long   term   rentals   in   Gran   Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote.  Our websites reach thousands of purchasers, tenants and holidaymakers seeking properties just like yours. Manage   a   panel   of   quality   assured   multi-lingual   contractors,   cleaners,   gardeners,   security,   pool   maintenance   and   associated   personnel   to ensure your investment is safe, secure and well looked after even if you do not reside in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote.             

Property Search & Secure

Tell   us   what   you’re   seeking   and   our   experts will   get   to   work   for   you   to   locate   and   secure your   perfect   investment   opportunity,   second home in the sun, holiday or long term rental.  We     have     a     network     of     carefully     selected property    partners    and    properties    for    sale, rental   or   short   term   holiday   lets   across   Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote. We    can    assist    you    with    securing    the    right property    for    your    needs    -    including    legally compliant      properties      with      valid      tourist licences   if   you   are   seeking   to   invest   and   make a good ROI in the holiday rental sector.  

Holiday & Long Term Rentals

Our   holiday   and   long   term   rentals   services   are two-fold.   We   help   clients   /   agents   to   promote /   book   out   and   maintain   properties   that   have     been   purchased   as   an   investment   through   us or   may   have   pre-existing   property   suitable   for long   term   or   holiday   rental   in   Gran   Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote. We   also   help   holidaymakers   seeking   holiday rentals    in    Gran    Canaria,    Fuerteventura    or Lanzarote    and    tenants    seeking    long    term rentals     to     secure     their     ideal     apartment, duplex   or   villa   along   with   extra   services   such as   resort   transfers,   excursions,   vehicle   /   bike hire, fast WIFI and removals / storage facilities.    

Legal, Financial & Insurance

Buying,    selling    or    renting    property    in    Gran Canaria,    Fuerteventura    or    Lanzarote    should always   be   handled   by   independent   experts   in legal,   tax,   financial   and   insurance   matters.   Just as   with   property   matters   in   your   homeland, it’s   vital   you   obtain   independent   quotes   and choose what’s right for you, not your agent! Stanley    &    Associates    works    with    respected providers   to   supply   conveyancing,   NIE,   Wills, Tax    advice,    EPC,    surveys,    mortgage,    home, motor,     health,     pet     and     travel     insurance quotes   for   you   to   compare.   We   also   provide accounting,   administration,   transcription   and translation services to help you keep track .

Furniture Packs & Removals

Furnishing     and     decorating     a     property     for holiday    rental    investment,    personal    use    or commercial    business    use    is    a    key    part    of establishing     your     place     in     Gran     Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote. When   investing   for   holiday   rental   returns   the quality    of    your    furnishing    and    decoration along    with    location    and    condition    of    your property   will   determine   the   maximum   rental yield    your    property    can    command.    It’s    vital you get it right. We    provide    expert    advice    on    all    aspects    of furnishing,   decoration   and   repairs   along   with partnerships   with   a   range   of   residential   and commercial     furniture     pack     providers     and shipping,     storage     and     removal     companies from both the UK and other countries.

Wills, Probate & Inheritance Tax

It’s   he   last   thing   anyone   likes   to   think   about   but it’s   essential   to   make   sure   you,   your   investment and/or    your    family    are    covered.        Dying    with property     or     other     assets     in     Spain,     Gran Canaria,   Fuerteventura   or   Lanzarote      and   no   / incorrectly   written   Wills   is   guaranteed   to   be   a costly nightmare.    Spanish      Inheritance      Tax      Law      is      hugely complicated   and      very   different   to   the   laws   of the   UK.   It’s   crucial   that   you   obtain   legal   advice and correctly drawn up Wills by expert lawyers. Our    dedicated    site    www.spanish-inheritance- tax-law.co.uk    is   inundated   by   relatives   left   to battle   bureaucracy/sizeable   tax   bills   from   the Spanish    Government.    Whilst    our    experts    can always   help,   prevention   is   better   than   a   cure. Speak to us about Wills, Probate and Tax today.

Managed Property Services

Stanley     &     Associates     is     backed     by     our established     and     respected     reputation     of providing    property    services    throughout    the UK    to    developers    such    as    Persimmon    and Avant   Homes   as   well   as   to   private   landlords, home owners, letting and estate agents. The    UK    operations    of    www.lmemove.com     - and   our   extensive   networks   in   Gran   Canaria, Fuerteventura   and   Lanzarote,   allow   Stanley   & Associates    to    co-ordinate    provision    of    EPCs (Certificados     de     Eficiencias),     RICS     Surveys, Drainage,       Fire       Safety,       Plumbing,       Gas, Electrical,   Damp/Ventilation,   Air   Conditioning, Building,     Pest     Control,     Pool     Maintenance, Elevators,    Security    and    Cleaning    services    to protect    your    investment    in    Gran    Canaria, Fuerteventura   or   Lanzarote.   Why   not   also   trial our managed tenant repair reporting option.