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Fall in love again…Gran

Canaria - hikers paradise

If   you   love   hiking   but   have   become   tired   of the    littered    countryside,    illegal    quad    bikes tearing        up        footpaths        and        dodging misbehaving    dogs    and    owners    then    Gran Canaria is where you should be. The     stunning     inland     beauty     of     this     mini continent       (as       Gran       Canaria       is       often nicknamed)   is   still   to   be   discovered   by   many British   hikers.   Many   of   the   footpaths   are   old 'Camino   Reales'.   These   are      the   donkey   tracks that   used   to   connect   villages   together   many years   ago,   before   motor   vehicles   arrived.   You can   walk   for   miles   in   perfect   solitude   without seeing      another      soul.            Explore      volcanic landscapes      with      high      mountains,      deep canyons      and      ravines.      Discover      running streams,       spectacular       caves       and       rock formations.    From    grassy    meadows    in    the North   to   desert   like   scree   in   the   South,   Gran Canaria    offers    a    hiker’s    paradise    all    in    one easy   to   explore   island.   Why   not   book   a   hiking holiday    away    in    one    of    our    fabulous    rental properties   or   even   better,   own   your   own   piece of paradise.

Hard or soft boiled Brexit not

set to crack the British dream

You’d   be   forgiven for    thinking    that the   vote   to   leave the    EU    signalled the     death     knell for   those   considering   a   move   to   Gran   Canaria, Fuerteventura or Lanzarote for some sun. However,   according   to   Stanley   &   Associates’ expert    estate    agent    partner,    John    Goldacre, Brexit   is   having   no   effect   at   all.   ‘Clients   are   still buying   the   only   impact   has   been   on   currency exchange   and   the   right   time   for   British   clients to    buy    Euros.    In    fact    we    have    seen    buyer increase    since    the    announcement    of    Brexit. British    citizens    were    buying    in    Spain    before the   formation   of   the   European   union   and   it will   continue,   the   value   of   property   in   Spain represents    a    great    investment    opportunity and   particularly   the   Canary   Islands   because   of the unique all year round weather. Our    British    clients    have    quoted    that    they would   prefer   to   be   in   the   Canaries   rather   than being    in    the    UK.    Today    opportunities    are abound    because    the    market    is    still    only    a faction   of   where   it   was   pre   crisis,   lower   priced property       lost on           average about     50%     of their           value during            the crises            and today     that     has     still     only     seen     a     small percentage      increase      over      that      so      the investment   growth   is   at   an   exceptionally   high level.        Fuerteventura    out    of    all    the    Canary Islands   offers   the   lowest   piece   per   m   2   for properties      offering      excellent      investment growth opportunities.’ It’s    a    view    shared    by    Stanley    &    Associates Operations    Manager,    Emma.    ’We    have    seen enquiries   double   since   the   announcement   of Brexit.    The    combination    of    the    British    love affair    with    property    as    a    more    attractive investment   vehicle   and   year   round   sun   means the   demand   from   British   and   other   Northern European   purchasers   looking   for   property   in Gran   Canaria,   Fuerteventura   and   Lanzarote   is not going to be diluted, even by a hard Brexit. In   particular   British   investor   landlords   seeking better   rental   returns   than   they   can   receive   on properties    in    the    UK    are    really    starting    to understand    how    we    can    connect    them    to fabulous investment yields in the Canaries.

Welcome to Gran Canaria LGBT

friendly ‘Isla Bonita’

Gran    Canaria    has    long    been    recognised    as one    of    the    most    LGBT    friendly    places    in Europe.    We    would    even    be    so    bold    as    to suggest     possibly     in     the     world!     From     its spectacular   Winter   and   Summer   Pride   events, exclusive   gay   only   holiday   resorts   and   host   of LGBT    excursions    and    activities    in    the    South right        through    to        Las    Palmas    Carnival    and Drag   Queen   competition   in   the   vibrant   capital of   the   North,   if   you   identify   as   LGBT   then   you are    sure    of    a    warm    and    open    welcome    in Gran   Canaria.   Here   on   equal   terms   LGBT   and heterosexual   couples   can   walk   hand-in-hand down    the    winding    streets    and    promenades, share   lingering   kisses   over   romantic   dinners at   beach-front   bistros   and   loose   themselves   in the    never    ending    nights    of    celebration    and entertainment.     In    our    humble    opinion    there    are    very    few other     places     in     the world        where        the amazing             climate, natural    beauty,    short flight    times    from    the UK    and    inclusive    ‘live and   let   live’   approach to   LGBT   are   all   equally present.   Gran   Canaria is   the   place   where   you can    come    and    just    ‘be’    if    you’re    LGBT.    Be yourself.   Be   free.   Be   amazed.   Be   recharged. Be   inspired.   Be   in   Gran   Canaria!   Explore   Gran Canaria   long   term   rentals,   holiday   rents      or buying options through us today.














Lanzarote are equal

‘The   biggest   area   of   lookout   for   any   investor today                  is ensuring        that the    property    is fit         for         the p    u    r    p    o    s    e      intended           as there    are    some    elements    of    Spanish    rental law    that    needs    to    be    understood.    Not    all agents   mention   this   to   clients’.   So   says   Stanley &    Associates    property    partner    expert    John Goldacre.   ‘Through   our   dual   process   of   client evaluation     and     working     with     Stanley     & Associates     we     identify     exactly     what     an investor   is   looking   to   achieve   and   advise   them accordingly.      This      includes      only      offering apartments   that   can   be   officially   rented   both long   and   short   term,   because   under   current legislation   there   are   some   properties   where you   can   do   neither   and   this   is   something   that not all Estate Agents are aware of or consider. There   are   serious   fines   and   consequences   for those     landlords     who     rent     out     properties without   the   proper   licences   or   authorisation. Stanley              & A   s   s   o   c   i   a   t   e   s       M   a   r   k   e   t   i   n   g     Director,    Mark, says,   ‘   We   treat our   investor   clients   in   the   way   we   ourselves would   like   to   be   treated.   We   always   identify whether   a   client   is   looking   to   buy   a   property in   Gran   Canaria,   Fuerteventura   or   Lanzarote with    the    express    goal    of    making    a    rental income    return.    If    so,    then    we    ensure    we match    them    with    our    partner    agents    with properties   that   fit   their   specific   aims.   It’s   also why   we   are   very   selective   of   partners   we   work with   -   preferring   to   work   with   members   of   the AIPP   which   offers   buyers   and   investors   alike protection   under   the   ability   to   have   recourse via   the   Property   Ombudsman.   In   this   way   we truly   act   in   the   best   interests   of   our   clients   at all times. .













galore…Gran Canaria has it all!

Families    would    be    hard    pressed    to find   a   better   place   than   Gran   Canaria when   it   comes   to   ticking   all   the   boxes of an ideal place to holiday or live. The      range      of      facilities,      natural outdoor    adventures,    entertainment options          plus          medical          and educational     centres,     including     Las Palmas       University       and       several International    schools,    makes    Gran Canaria a very attractive package. Property       investors       with       family considerations    really    are    spoilt    for choice.   Cosmopolitan   Melonares   and the    dunes,    beaches    and    theme    / aqua   parks   of      Maspalomas   and   Play del   Ingles   in   the   South   offer   fun   and entertainment    galore,    right    through to    the    picturesque    natural    beauty and       open       spaces       of       Mogan, Arguineguín       and       Teror.       Those looking    for    family    friendly    town    or big   city   living   can   look   to   places   such as   San   Fernando,   Vecindario   and   of course      the      vibrant      capital      Las Palmas.   





opportunities in Gran Canaria…

Smart       UK       LGBT       and       straight investors   alike   are   starting   to   realise what     has     long     been     known     by investors   from   the   Nordic   countries. ‘Investing     in     LGBT     friendly     Gran Canaria    -    particularly    in    Southern resorts   such   Maspalomas   and   Playa del   Ingles   -   offers   a   highly   lucrative investment    opportunity    particularly when     it     comes     to     holiday     rental returns’,    says    Stanley    &    Associates International       Marketing       Director Mark.     ‘Thanks     to     the     open     and accepting    culture,    year    round    LGBT events   including   Winter   and   Summer Pride,   the   LGBT   Tennis   Tournament, Bear    Fest    and    Fetish    Week    plus    a host     of     additional     LGBT     specific shops,   bars,   restaurants,   shows   and entertainment          centres,          savvy property   investors   can   really   cash   in. Stanley   &   Associates   is   proud   to   have been   awarded   LGBT   Property   Portal of   The   Year   -   it   is   testament   to   our commitment      in      being      a      LGBT inclusive     company     both     internally and   externally.      We’re   connecting   an increasing   number   of   UK   LGBT   and heterosexual   landlords   and   investors to    some    fabulous    LGBT    investment deals.’ It’s   a   statement   also   backed   up   by   a recent   article   in   the   Financial   Times, showing   how   investing   in   the   LGBT sector   in   Gran   Canaria   is   a   sure-fire bet. The full article can be read here .
 2017 GOLD LGBT Property Portal of The Year UK’s Best LGBT Inclusive Property Service Provider UK’s Best LGBT Inclusive Property Service Provider SERVICE AWARD WINNING